Our works

Advanced materials. Advanced technologies. A high degree of excellence.

The constant high quality is guaranteed by the laboratory workers' high degree of professionalism and the highly qualified professional management. Everything from dentures through combined work, to metal-free ceramic prosthesis can be found among the products of the laboratory.

  • Metal-free dental restorations
  • Metal-ceramic restorations
  • Implantology work
  • Combined work
  • Dentures
  • Galvanic technology

With the latest CAD/CAM technology and 5-axis milling machine, our company is able to manufacture all existing zirconium restorations, including but not limited to the following: transocclusal screw-retained implant crowns and bridges, structures with artificial gums, individual zirconium structures, inlay, inlay bridges, primer telescope crowns, and full zirconium anatomic crowns and bridges. In case of crowns with implants, bridges or the so called 'Pretau' bridges an interface technology is applied by us. We use German raw material with CE qualification. In case it is needed, we can send the digital plans electronically and it is possible to have a consultation about it.
The anatomic frame structures are covered with Noritake zircon ceramics and Ivoclare E-max ceramics.

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Materials used

All raw material used for dental restorations are made of qualified and impeccable components and meet all the expectations of the European Union. They are from suppliers who produce the most renowned dental materials in the world. Therefore, the quality of these products is known and acknowledged all over the world and the best indication of this is that all materials used by us for dental restorations have the CE qualifications. The companies whose materials are used by us are including but not limited to the following ones: Bego, Bredent, Shera, Wieland, Ceka, Vertex, Noritake, Shofu, Renfert, Dreve, Candulor, Ivoclar E-max, Gramm, Goldquadrat, Roland, Degos.

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